Vengeance Incorporated – Riding in the Saddle CD

CD package art for the original release of power metal band Vengeance Incorporated’s compilation (and sixth over-all) LP, “Riding in the Saddle of the Beast”. This was the first album package conceived and executed completely on computer since it came out several years after the other albums (from the late ’80s and early ’90s) The entire package was developed on computer for a CD release. The cover concept was developed from a photograph of a woman’s ‘breezeway’ silhouette. It continued the band’s use of red, black and white as dominate colors on most of their albums and packages. The album didn’t come out until after the band had broken up and was a compilation of their most popular tunes.

The package contains an 8 page booklet (stapled 2 folded pages)
1. front cover
2. songlist
3. credits
4. lyrics sheet
5. lyrics sheet
6. band photos
7. merchandise page
8. back cover band photo songlist

and the CD plastic shell case inserts
1. front cover (booklet was actually inserted here, so front cover the same)
2. CD tray computer manipulation of the front cover
3. back insert for CD shell (same as back of booklet)

and the CD label, which was based on the cover.