Vengeance Incorporated – Chase the Dragon CD

8 page CD booklet and CD shell inserts

CD package art for the original release of power metal band Vengeance Incorporated’s compilation boxset of all their previous six releases, “Chase the Dragon”. teamCPF conceived, designed and executed the entire package for Stormstrike records, a company that re-releases ’80s and ’90s metal band LPs. We tried to use design and imagery with previous releases in mind to continue the branding and legacy design style.

The package contains a box-set
1. front cover
2. back cover

Plus a 4 page double wide booklet (2 pages stapled)
1. cover w/ live band photo
2. individual album credits
3. individual album songlists
4. merchandise

plus all the art from the previous 6 records.

Malicious Intent
Bad Crazy
Love Kills
Bad, Live & Crazy
Riding in the Saddle of the Beast