Vengeance Incorporated – Bad Crazy CD

8 page CD booklet and CD shell inserts

CD package art for the re-release of power metal band Vengeance Incorporated’s third LP “Bad Crazy”. The original cover was a manipulation of a fisheye lens photo over saturated in the development process (this was with actual photography techniques, not PS). The rest of the package was developed on computer for the re-release version, as the original art and lyrics sheets was formatted for cassette and vinyl and this was planned for a CD release.

The package contains an 8 page booklet (stapled 2 folded pages)
1. front cover
2. songlist
3. credits
4. lyrics sheet
5. lyrics sheet
6. band photos
7. merchandise page
8. back cover/songlist

and the CD plastic shell case inserts
1. front cover (booklet was actually inserted here, so front cover the same)
2. CD tray band ‘fisheye’ photo (the original that was rendered for the cover)
3. back insert for CD shell (same as back of booklet)

and the CD label, which was based on the cover.