US Open of Stand Up Paddle sports event

US Open of Stand Up Paddle: the main website for information and registration forms for the US Open of Stand Up Paddle Tournament held September 9-11 in Miami Beach, FL under the auspices of Exclusive Sports, including a 3, 5 and 10 mile race as well as a coed and kid’s race with a $35K prize purse. A sporting event created by promoters and run in Miami Beach FL for several years until 2019 when lack of interest and registration forced the cancellation of the event, which was never (so far) repeated. The domain is vacant and the website defunct, this is an archived version. The site required paid registration capability, archiving of photos from past years and the ability to upload photos from new races so that contestants could purchase them quickly after the race was over. The site also hosted stats, standings and race results in real-time as well as streaming video.