Paradigm logo development 7.0

After 6 major revisions and fine-tuning, the company threw all the work out and started fresh on a new concept the owner came up with when he was looking at Masonic symbols. The odd “P” is a hand drawn creation of his own he wanted me to use best I could refine it.

Here is also the business card examples (I thought this logo too detailed to scan properly as a card or letter-head, but he was insistent). I also had problems with the use of such a design for a modern company. However, we give them our best advice then do what they want. I did my best to execute what the client wanted despite my misgivings. This was an older gentlemen who liked the old (and since disgarded) Proctor and Gamble “moon” design and other retro forms which for good reason have been replaced with more up-to-date designs.This is not to say retro designs are never appropriate. However, you need something memorable, that will scale down, something simple and striking. Retro designs rarely fit the bill, but you can use retro ELEMENTS to give the feel of vintage company logos. More on that in a future post.

The company name is Paradigm International Enterprises so these designs use various representations of the initials “P I E”, including a pun using the Pi symbol, which he ended up using (although that doesn’t really spell “PIE”).

The last image was because the guy wouldn’t believe PI was centered, he still wasn’t convinced but couldn’t say which way it needed to move to center.