Sea Baboons

Logo for some hippies who were starting a watersports store.

Their initial guidance was something very laid back. I included some more intense ones too, but they were too techie looking for them.

They also wanted a baboon skull in the logo. They liked the hammock one, but then they wanted something Rastafarian in the logo so I came up with the hat.

Then they wanted some of the stuff they’d be selling so I added a spear gun and fishing pole and a boogie board.

Then finally they were pretty choosey about the font we used, so I gave them a variety. Also, originally they asked for monochrome, but after seeing it they wanted to put it on t-shirts and stuff so I coloured it. I heard one of them was going to get it as a tattoo, but I never met they guys, only dealt with them through a PR firm.

I heard the store lasted 6 months.