FSCS logo development

These are presented with the final versions here at the top, the prior versions below, and the original proposed logos at the bottom so you can see 3 stages of development.

Here’s where we are getting close, and the one at the top here is the final one they used.

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Next stage after the one below, you can see they picked some of the elements from the first batch and got rid of the orange and yellow. I haven’t included any of the versions of the final choice in these preliminary versions.

This project had many stages of development, here are only 3. I was trying to hone in on a concept but I was dealing with a committee and they kept getting new bright ideas so the entire concept might change overnight, rendering all past work worthless, but I guess you could look at it philosophically and say it was all part of the journey.

Some of these are way too busy and “out-there” but at this early stage I was just throwing things out there and hoping they would seize on elements they liked, which did happen.